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A child in a yoga bridge pose in our kids fitness center.

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Kids practicing yoga on blue mats in a spacious indoor play gym, promoting health and balance.
"Three children sitting and smiling on a trampoline at an indoor play centre with a vibrant green wall behind them.

From Screen Time to Play Time: Transform Your Kid's Health and Happiness with Our Fitness Classes!

Girl with glasses engrossed in mobile in Ahmedabad.

Too Much Screen Time

Nowadays, kids spend a lot of time on phones and tablets. This means they sit more and move less.

Less physical movement can lead to problems. Kids might get bad posture, feel less confident, and be unhappy.

Why It’s a Big Deal

Constant screen time means kids are less active and often feel left out.

It can make staying focused in class hard, increase their worries, and even make it tough to make friends.

Plus, seeing everyone else’s online life can make them feel left out. That feeling? It’s called FOMO

Child grappling with self-esteem and mental well-being in Ahmedabad.

Group of kids stretching in fitness class in Ahmedabad.

Jump Into Play Time With Us!

At Jump-n-Rise, we have the perfect solution for your kids! We turn their screen time into play time.

Our classes encourage your kids to jump, flip, and have a blast.

  • They’ll Grow More Confident

  • They’ll Make Friends

  • They’ll Think More Clearly

  • They’ll Feel Happier

Join the Fun! Over 100 Kids in South Bopal, Ahmedabad Love Our Fitness Classes!

Empower Your Kid's Fitness: Unlock New Skills with Every Class!

Young girl showing inner strength, representing confidence building in kids' fitness classes.

Boosted Confidence

Experience how our seasoned coaches enhance your child’s self-esteem with positive support and reinforcement in our kids fitness classes.

Bold attention sign for personalized kids' fitness classes.

Personalized Attention

Benefit from the personalized care and instruction each child receives in our small-sized class, ensuring a tailored experience.

Blooming brain, symbolizing mental health growth through fitness for kids.

Mental Health Growth

Value your child’s emotional and mental well-being with our safe and nurturing fitness programs designed for kids’ holistic development.

Child balancing life skills, illustrating character development in our fitness program.

Character Development

Watch as our fitness programs instill essential values like teamwork, responsibility, and respect, shaping your child into a confident and well-rounded individual.

Kids engaging in a whisper, showcasing social interaction in our fitness center.

Social Interaction

Step into our kids fitness center, where a warm and supportive community awaits, offering your child ample opportunities to socialize and forge new friendships.

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Akanksha Tripathi
Great place for child's mental and physical development. Personalized plan and attention given to each. Very supportive, humble and qualified staff. Special thanks to Devanshi ma'am and Amal sir. Again thanking whole jump and rise team. Wish them very best of luck.
Aditya Makwana
The environment here is very friendly. The coaches here are very friendly and calm and they guide my child in the right direction for the betterment of my child. I would recommend all of you to visit Jump n Rise and just experience it once and then guide your child to his betterment.
Bhumi Makwana
Jump n rise the gym at the best gym in bopal . Gym atmosphere is best for workout and trainer are also best . Here they make us to do so many activities like yoga, workout. If u talk about my experience I have never seen such a gym especially for child, that is frist gym for children, very colourful and attractive.
Gohel Sachin
Jump n rise is best place for children, safty and friendly environment for kids. Vacation time is best time for joining
Sam Patel
Good place to enhance kids strength & physical fitness. My son love to come here every day. The team is also good & very co operative. The facilities & equipment is also a very good. It's just like doing exercise with fun or play.
Suril Patel
Start them young, they say. Active kid is a blessed kid. That is the philosophy this kiddie gym is based on. A very necessary environment that our city lacks, this gym provides creating much needed enthusiasm in kids. Kid friendly staff and a great coach to trust our kid with.
Nikhil More
Great place for kids to develop their physical fitness. My 3.5 year old daughter has joined the gym within 1 month we can find change in her behaviour she is more confident kid now. All credit goes to Amal Sir, Devanshi Ma'am and team Jump-n-Rise. Much needed daily activity for chidren.
Zeba Hashmi
Much needed indoor gym in Ahmedabad. Well planned, well researched and run by expert professional coaches. My son has autism with multiple disabilities but the team of jump n rise is working hard with him and training him various activities needed for his physical development. Thank you so much 😊😊🙏🙏

Meet Jump-n-Rise: Our Journey in Fitness and Inspiring Young Lives

Once upon a time in Ahmedabad, there was a dream to make kids as fit as superheroes. That’s how Jump-n-Rise started! Our founder, Devanshi Mam, began teaching kids to jump, run, and have fun with fitness in their own homes. In 2021, she opened the doors to our kids fitness center in South Bopal. It’s not only a gym; it’s a super fun spot made only for kids!

Devanshi isn’t only a fitness coach; she’s like a superhero for kids’ health. She wanted to make a place where kids could giggle, play, and get strong all at the same time. At Jump-n-Rise, we know kids are special, and they each have their own exciting path to being fit.

We’ve been helping kids feel great for over ten years. Our gym is packed with cool kids fitness activities that make exercise a blast. Our goal is simple: to make fitness the most awesome part of your kid’s day. We’re all about fun, strength, and happy, confident kids. This is just the start of our fun fitness adventure!

So, if you’re looking for a happy place for your kids to play and get fit, come over to Jump-n-Rise. We can’t wait to meet you and your little champs!

Group of energetic kids with a fitness coach at a kids' fitness center, showing enthusiasm and team spirit during a group exercise session.

Happy Kids with Devanshi Mam at Jump-n-Rise

Inside Our Kids' Fitness Center

Let’s peek inside our gym. Jump-n-Rise is a place where kids can play and parents can relax, knowing it’s all safe. Our kids fitness centre in Ahmedabad is full of fun stuff to do—slides to whoosh down, swings to soar high, and many more games, all just for kids.

We’re serious about keeping everyone safe while they have fun. Our gym is big and open, so there’s lots of room to run around and try new things. And we check all our play gear to make sure it’s in tip-top shape.

Safety First

We’ve got rules to keep everyone protected while they play and explore. From making sure all our play stuff is strong and secure to keeping our gym clean and germ-free, we do it all for the kids’ safety.

Remember, at Jump-n-Rise, it’s all about having a blast in a place that’s made for play and safety!

Answers to Your Questions: FAQs

 We cater to children between the ages of 2 and 15 years old.

Kids can start fitness activities from as young as 2 years old. Starting young helps them develop a love for being active as they grow.

The best age to start going to the gym depends on the child, but they can begin at any age. It’s all about finding the right program that’s safe and fun for them.

Absolutely! A gym can be wonderful for kids, especially if it has programs with exercises suited for young ones. It’s a fun way to keep fit and healthy.

Read our blog on it.

Yes, a 12-year-old can definitely join a gym. It’s a great way for them to stay active, learn about fitness, and build healthy habits early on. Just make sure the gym offers programs designed for their age group.

We offer a variety of exercises and activities for kids, including jump rope, trampoline, obstacle courses and strength training using kid-friendly equipment, floor excercise, weight lifting in safe way for 10+.

We recommend children to attend our fitness classes atleast 5 days per week see the most benefit from the program.

Yes, all of our trainers are certified to work with children and have extensive experience in the field of child fitness.

Our kids fitness classes is unique in that we offer a fun and engaging environment that focuses on improving both physical and mental health. Our certified trainers work closely with each child to develop a personalized fitness plan that meets their individual needs and goals.bonding and communcation

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