Jump N Rise

Turning Screen Time into Play Time: The Story of Jump-n-Rise

Discover the Inspiring Journey of Our Founder and Her Passion for Child Fitness

Once upon a time in Ahmedabad, Devanshi Mam had a big dream.

She wanted kids to have fun being active, just like superheroes. So, she started going to kids’ homes to play fun fitness games with them.

By 2021, she opened a special place called Jump-n-Rise where kids could run, jump, and laugh together.

It’s a happy place in South Bopal where every kid can find their inner superhero with the help of Devanshi Mam and her friendly team.

The Main Problem - Excessive Screentime

As the academics turned digital, we noticed kids sticking to screens and not moving much. This wasn’t good for their body or mind health.

Some gyms in Ahmedabad allowed kids, but they were not focused on kids and their unique needs. They just treated them like small adults.

This is when we saw a chance to help. Devanshi Mam started Jump-n-Rise to make a special gym for kids.

Our focus on kids is what sets us apart from the rest. We consider everything kids need – from our gym that looks fun for kids to our coaches who know how to work with kids. 

Our mission is to help kids in ahmedabad become healthy, strong and more active, all while having fun!

Focused child climbing a rope ladder in an indoor play gym, encouraging physical fitness and confidence.
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Over 250 kids have had fun and learned a lot in our programs.
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We have more than 5 expert trainers teaching the kids.
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We’ve earned over 120 five-star reviews.
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9 out of 10 parents notice their kids are happier and more confident with us.

Discover Our Happy Place in South Bopal

Famous channels like Gujarati First and Divya Bhaskar have talked about us.

Jump-n-Rise is in a lively part of South Bopal, Ahmedabad. It’s a fun gym for kids to exercise and enjoy.

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