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Jump-n-Rise makes fitness super fun for kids and babies. They enjoy cool activities that help them grow, all in a safe and happy place.

Five-star Google review rating for a kids' fitness center.

Watch Devanshi Mam make fitness a joyride on a bouncing ball with our happy young learner. Fun and smiles await your child at Jump-n-Rise!

Smiles & Sweat: Watch Our Young Stars in Action at Jump-n-Rise!

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Young child at a Jump-n-rise , kids fitness center lifting weights safely

Say Goodbye to Screen Time, Hello to Active Play!

Girl with glasses engrossed in mobile in Ahmedabad.

Too Much Screen Time

Remember when kids in Ahmedabad used to play outside until the sun went down?

These days, kids spend more time on their phones and tablets. This change isn’t only about missing out on fresh air.

Too much screen time can have downsides for their bodies and minds. It can make them feel unhappy, have a hard time at school, and not feel too good about themselves.

Why It's a Big Deal

Spending all day on screens can make your child’s body and mind feel tired.

It can make staying focused in class hard, increase their worries, and even make it tough to make friends.

Also, always looking at others online can make your child feel left out or not as good. This is often called FOMO (fear of missing out).

Child grappling with self-esteem and mental well-being in Ahmedabad.

Group of kids stretching in fitness class in Ahmedabad.

Jump Into Action With Us!

At Jump-n-Rise, a kids indoor activity center, we’ve got the perfect solution!

Our activities are perfectly suited for kids and babies. We focus on building a healthier, happier generation in Ahmedabad.

  • They Get More Confident: Exercising helps them feel great about what they can do.
  • They Find Friends: Your child will meet other kids and have fun together, making new buddies.
  • Thinking Gets Easier: Our fun games make paying attention and doing homework easier.
  • They Feel Happier: Beyond feeling happier, these activities are great for their physical health too.

Over 200 Kids in Ahmedabad have joined us, reporting better moods, improved grades, and boosted confidence!

Key Benefits: Thriving at Our Kids Activity & Baby Center

Icon of a confident baby with a superhero shadow representing boosted confidence and mental well-being.

1. Boosted Confidence and Mental Well-being

Our activity class will make your baby shine with confidence and feel happier inside.

Your child will bravely face new challenges and smile more, both in school and in life. You’ll notice your kid becoming more joyful and self-assured.

75% of parents report a noticeable boost in their child’s well-being within two months!

Icon of a baby with thought bubbles of integrity and leadership for character building

2. Building Character: Honesty & Leadership

Your child will develop strong character values, like honesty and leadership.

Through teamwork, they learn the value of trust and taking the lead when needed. It’s not only about playing; it’s about growing into a great person.

Parents often share stories of their kids showing more responsibility and kindness at home.

Join us and see your child’s character flourish!

Icon showcasing a baby's head with creative symbols, representing a growing creative mind.

3. Growing Creative Minds

Our indoor fun activities make your child super creative, like little inventors.

Your kids will learn to think outside the box. This helps them do better in school and solve everyday problems.

Like Ria, who used her big imagination to write a story that won a school contest.

Icon of two kids communicating, symbolizing friendship and social skill development.

4. Building Friendships & Social Skills

In our activity classes, kids make new friends and learn to chat and play together.

This helps them get along better with others everywhere they go. Making friends here can lead to having buddies for life, some might even become best friends.

Parents tell us all the time how much more social their kids are after joining.

Join us and watch your baby’s social circle grow!

See the change for yourself! Sign up your baby for a demo class today and watch them change at Jump-n-Rise.

Hear from Happy Families at Our Kids Indoor Activity Center!

Akanksha Tripathi
Great place for child's mental and physical development. Personalized plan and attention given to each. Very supportive, humble and qualified staff. Special thanks to Devanshi ma'am and Amal sir. Again thanking whole jump and rise team. Wish them very best of luck.
Aditya Makwana
The environment here is very friendly. The coaches here are very friendly and calm and they guide my child in the right direction for the betterment of my child. I would recommend all of you to visit Jump n Rise and just experience it once and then guide your child to his betterment.
Bhumi Makwana
Jump n rise the gym at the best gym in bopal . Gym atmosphere is best for workout and trainer are also best . Here they make us to do so many activities like yoga, workout. If u talk about my experience I have never seen such a gym especially for child, that is frist gym for children, very colourful and attractive.
Gohel Sachin
Jump n rise is best place for children, safty and friendly environment for kids. Vacation time is best time for joining
Sam Patel
Good place to enhance kids strength & physical fitness. My son love to come here every day. The team is also good & very co operative. The facilities & equipment is also a very good. It's just like doing exercise with fun or play.
Suril Patel
Start them young, they say. Active kid is a blessed kid. That is the philosophy this kiddie gym is based on. A very necessary environment that our city lacks, this gym provides creating much needed enthusiasm in kids. Kid friendly staff and a great coach to trust our kid with.
Nikhil More
Great place for kids to develop their physical fitness. My 3.5 year old daughter has joined the gym within 1 month we can find change in her behaviour she is more confident kid now. All credit goes to Amal Sir, Devanshi Ma'am and team Jump-n-Rise. Much needed daily activity for chidren.
Zeba Hashmi
Much needed indoor gym in Ahmedabad. Well planned, well researched and run by expert professional coaches. My son has autism with multiple disabilities but the team of jump n rise is working hard with him and training him various activities needed for his physical development. Thank you so much 😊😊🙏🙏

Inspired by their stories? Join us to create your own success story at Jump-n-Rise!

Our Journey in Fitness: Inspiring Young Lives at Jump-n-Rise

In Ahmedabad, a dream gave rise to Jump-n-Rise: to turn kids under 16 into fitness superheroes.

Founded by Devanshi Mam (with over decade of experience) in 2021, our activity center in South Bopal is more than a gym—it’s a vibrant playground for kids under 16!

Devanshi isn’t only a fitness coach; she’s like a superhero for kids’ health. She wanted to make a place where laughter, play, and strength meet.

We’ve made fitness irresistible, turning it into the best part of every kid’s day. We’re all about fun, strength, and happy, confident kids. This is just the start of our fun fitness adventure!

Looking for a place where your kid can grow strong, confident, and joyful? Join us at Jump-n-Rise, where fun and fitness come together.

Schedule a visit or sign up for a demo class today!

Safe Play, Happy Kids: Our Commitment at Jump-n-Rise

At Jump-n-Rise, we make sure fun and safety go hand in hand for all our students. Our kids activity centre is a cool place where kids can hang out, have fun, and stay active.

First up, we’re all about safety. Our team checks every piece of equipment to make sure it’s super safe. Plus, our centre’s big and open, which means lots of space to move around safely.

We also teach kids how to use equipment safely. It emphasizes secure workouts for kids in Ahmedabad. This ensures they can enjoy activities like climbing walls and obstacle courses without worry.

And for added peace of mind, we keep our place squeaky clean and germ-free.

So, if you want a fun and safe spot for your kid, Jump-n-Rise is it. We can’t wait to see them shine with us!

Answers to Your Questions: FAQs

At Jump-n-Rise, safety is our top priority!

  • We ensure our centre is a secure environment for all.
  • Ample space in the centre allows for safe play and exercise.
  • Daily equipment checks maintain everything in top condition for safety.
  • Strict cleanliness protocols are in place to keep the place germ-free.
  • Lady coaches are available to provide a comfortable and supportive environment.
  • I (the owner/manager) am also present to oversee and ensure safety.
  • The entire place is monitored by CCTV for added security and peace of mind.

Yes! You can choose any available slot that’s convenient for you and your child for the demo class.

We kindly ask you to let us know a day in advance to prepare for your visit. Want to find the perfect time? Hit the ‘Book a Demo Class’ button and we’ll see you soon!

Jump-n-Rise is at Commercial Complex, 501, Aaryan Gloria, South Bopal, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380058.

Don’t worry about parking; we’ve got free parking right along with the complex. Finding us is easy, and parking is hassle-free!

Getting to Jump-n-Rise is simple with public transportation.

There’s a BRTS bus stand known as “SOBO Centre” just 500 meters away, making it super convenient for parents to bring their kids over. See you soon!

Click ‘Book a Demo Class,’ text us on WhatsApp, and come for the scheduled demo. Expect a fun intro to our kid friendly fitness activities!

Yes, definitely! Your child can join one free trial demo class to see if they like it.
After that, we offer a one-day class for ₹200 for all kids and ₹300 for kids with special needs, like ADHD, if they want to come for 10-15 days without a monthly plan.

We tailor our activities programs to fit each age group perfectly.

Our coaches are experts at creating fun, safe workouts that suit your child’s age and fitness level.

Ready to see your baby enjoy fitness the right way? Join us for a demo class!

Jump-n-Rise is open Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Parents can pick any 1-hour slot that fits their schedule.

Each kid enjoys 5 fun-filled sessions a week, ensuring they get the most out of their fitness journey. Ready to set a schedule that works for you? Let’s get moving!

Our membership fee is ₹3000 a month for all kids and teens. We also offer healthy daily snacks for an extra cost.
For kids with special needs, the fee is ₹6000 a month, including tailored classes.

Ready to join? Let’s get started.

There is no extra cost other than the membership fee. But we also offer paid addons, which are optional.

Infographic showing 'Over 200 Happy Kids Trained' at Jump-n-Rise Gym, with illustrated children in sports gear.

Ready to See Your Child Thrive?

See how much fun your baby can have while they learn and make new friends at our center. Come try a class with us!