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Kids Not Moving Enough? Jump-n-Rise to the Rescue!

The Challenge of Modern Playtime

Hey, parents! We know it’s tough to see our kids sitting too much. They’re glued to screens, and sometimes, they don’t run around like we did. This could leave them restless, low on energy, and it’s not great for their growing bodies or minds.

Rediscover True Play

Remember the last time your child truly played? The kind of play that lights up their face with laughter and gets their energy soaring—not only staring at a game console. 

Skipping out on active indoor play can lead to restlessness, a drop in school performance, and isn’t good for their health as they get older. But we know you want more for your little ones.

Welcome to a World of Active Fun

That’s where we come in. At Jump-n-Rise, your family’s new favourite spot, we make moving a blast! Our indoor play gym is all about letting kids be kids in the safest way possible. They can jump, climb, and make new friends, all while getting the exercise they need.

Our passion for keeping kids active was even featured in a local press interview by Gujarat Press, making Jump-n-Rise a talked-about spot in Ahmedabad. Trusted by parents and loved by kids, we offer a variety of indoor play activities that are perfect for every age group, from 2 to 15 years old.

Jump into fun. Rise to health. Discover the best indoor play gym and activities, Only at Jump-n-Rise!

Benefits of Our Indoor Play Activities for Kids

Illustration of a child showing strength, representing the health benefits of engaging in indoor play activities.

Soaring Health

Jump-n-Rise is where kids’ energy soars with fun activities that keep them moving. This isn’t only good for their muscles; it sets the foundation for a lifetime of health and fitness. Active play today means a stronger, more energetic tomorrow.

Vector image of kids whispering and smiling, symbolizing friendship formed at indoor play areas in Ahmedabad.

Make Friends

Our gym is a social playground where kids meet and play with new friends. They learn to share, lead, and be part of a team during our indoor play activities. These skills will also help them in school and beyond life.

Creative graphic of a child's brain flourishing with ideas, linking indoor play to academic improvement.

Brain Boost

Every puzzle solved and obstacle conquered at Jump-n-Rise sharpens young minds. These fun challenges can translate to better focus and higher achievement in the classroom. They give your child a head start on learning.

Calming vector image of a peaceful child's face, representing the safe environment of our indoor play facility.

Peace of Mind Play

At Jump-n-Rise, we believe that playtime should be worry-free for parents and super fun for kids. Every corner of our gym is designed with your child’s safety in mind. From soft landing mats to equipment that’s just their size, we’ve got the fun covered.

Cheerful emoji surrounded by stars, depicting the happy atmosphere kids enjoy at our indoor play center.

Happy Vibes

Laughter fills the air at Jump-n-Rise. The confidence and joy kids gain from playtime here can lead to a more positive outlook on life, both at home and in school.

Happy Kids, Happy Parents!

Discover how our indoor play activities impact their kid’s lives!

Akanksha Tripathi
Great place for child's mental and physical development. Personalized plan and attention given to each. Very supportive, humble and qualified staff. Special thanks to Devanshi ma'am and Amal sir. Again thanking whole jump and rise team. Wish them very best of luck.
Aditya Makwana
The environment here is very friendly. The coaches here are very friendly and calm and they guide my child in the right direction for the betterment of my child. I would recommend all of you to visit Jump n Rise and just experience it once and then guide your child to his betterment.
Bhumi Makwana
Jump n rise the gym at the best gym in bopal . Gym atmosphere is best for workout and trainer are also best . Here they make us to do so many activities like yoga, workout. If u talk about my experience I have never seen such a gym especially for child, that is frist gym for children, very colourful and attractive.
Gohel Sachin
Jump n rise is best place for children, safty and friendly environment for kids. Vacation time is best time for joining
Sam Patel
Good place to enhance kids strength & physical fitness. My son love to come here every day. The team is also good & very co operative. The facilities & equipment is also a very good. It's just like doing exercise with fun or play.
Suril Patel
Start them young, they say. Active kid is a blessed kid. That is the philosophy this kiddie gym is based on. A very necessary environment that our city lacks, this gym provides creating much needed enthusiasm in kids. Kid friendly staff and a great coach to trust our kid with.
Nikhil More
Great place for kids to develop their physical fitness. My 3.5 year old daughter has joined the gym within 1 month we can find change in her behaviour she is more confident kid now. All credit goes to Amal Sir, Devanshi Ma'am and team Jump-n-Rise. Much needed daily activity for chidren.
Zeba Hashmi
Much needed indoor gym in Ahmedabad. Well planned, well researched and run by expert professional coaches. My son has autism with multiple disabilities but the team of jump n rise is working hard with him and training him various activities needed for his physical development. Thank you so much 😊😊🙏🙏

Jump-n-Rise: Our Story of Fitness, Passion, and Making a Difference

Once upon a time in Ahmedabad, there was a dream to make kids as fit as superheroes. That’s how Jump N Rise started! Our founder, Devanshi Mam, began teaching kids to jump, run, and have fun with fitness in their own homes. In 2021, she opened the doors to our indoor play gym in South Bopal. It’s not just any gym; it’s a super fun spot made only for kids!

Devanshi isn’t only a fitness coach; she’s like a superhero for kids’ health. She wanted to make a place where kids could giggle, play, and get strong all at the same time. At Jump N Rise, we know kids are special, and they each have their own exciting path to being fit.

We’ve been helping kids feel great for over ten years. Our gym is packed with cool indoor play activities that make exercise a blast. Our goal is simple: to make fitness the most awesome part of your kid’s day. We’re all about fun, strength, and happy, confident kids. This is just the start of our fun fitness adventure!

So, if you’re looking for a happy place for your kids to play and get fit, come over to Jump N Rise. We can’t wait to meet you and your little champs!

Joyful children with their coach raising their hands in victory at an indoor play gym in Ahmedabad, showing the excitement and community spirit.

Happy Kids with Devanshi Mam at Jump-n-Rise

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Creating a Safe and Fun Environment: Discover Our Indoor Play Gym in Ahmedabad

Safety Measures

At Jump-n-Rise, we have created a safe and fun environment. We mix fun and safety in our indoor play gym! Our place in Ahmedabad is perfect for kids who love to play and explore.

Our play centre is spacious and full of cool things to play with. We have slides, swings, and lots more, all made just right for kids. We make sure everything is super safe, so parents don’t have to worry. This fosters their natural curiosity and love for activity.

We have strict safety rules in place to ensure that every child stays safe while they learn and play.

Our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure it’s safe for use. We follow all health protocols to keep our facility clean and hygienic.

Answers to Your Questions: FAQs

Indoor play activities are fun games and exercises that happen inside, away from the hot sun or rain.

They can include things like climbing on jungle gyms, bouncing on trampolines, or playing in ball pits.

These activities are great because they help kids stay active, use their imagination, and learn new things, all while making friends and having a blast!


We have a range of exciting indoor play activities, including gymnastics, tumbling, jumping, running, and dancing!

Our indoor play gym welcomes kids for fun and play from 10 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Saturday.

Each child can enjoy an hour-long class, five days a week, filled with exciting and engaging activities!

From toddlers to teens, ages 2 to 15 years can enrol and enjoy the diverse range of activities at our indoor play gym in Ahmedabad, enhancing their physical fitness, social skills, and creative thinking.

At our indoor play gym, the monthly fee is 3000 INR for standard programs and 6000 INR for specialised programs tailored to children with unique developmental needs.

Parents don’t need to stay for the class, but you’re welcome to watch your child having fun and learning!

Our indoor play gym is packed with activities perfect for 6-year-olds!

  • They can swing on kid-friendly ziplines
  • Navigate through obstacle courses tailored for their size
  • Explore climbing walls designed for small hands and feet
  • Enjoy interactive games that stimulate both their bodies and minds.

These activities are great for building coordination, strength, and confidence in young kids.

Safety is a top priority in our soft play areas.

  1. We’ve equipped the gym with thick, cushioned mats that cover all surfaces to prevent bumps and bruises.
  2. The play equipment is child-sized and made with soft materials to ensure that playtime is both safe and fun.
  3. Our spacious play zones are constantly supervised by trained staff who are always on hand to guide the children and maintain a secure environment.

Our indoor play gym is specially designed with toddlers in mind.

  • We have a variety of sensory play areas that encourage toddlers to touch, feel, and explore in a safe setting.
  • The play equipment is low to the ground to accommodate their height and skill level, with lots of room for crawling, toddling, and taking those first adventurous steps.
  • We make sure everything is soft and safe, creating a welcoming environment for your little ones to learn and play.

Yes, we offer a free trial class so you and your child can experience the joy of our play gym firsthand!

Safety is our top priority! We have trained staff, safe equipment, and follow all health guidelines to ensure a secure play environment.

Signing up is easy! Just click ‘Join Now’ on our website or visit us in person to enrol your child in our exciting classes.

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