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Boosting Brain Power and Building Confidence: Our Gymnasts in Action

From Screen Time to Gymnastics: Our Solution

Too Much Screen Time

Remember when kids in Ahmedabad used to play outside until the sun went down?

Kids today are stuck to screens more than ever, affecting their health and happiness. It’s a problem we can’t ignore.

Why It’s a Big Deal

Constant screen time means kids are less active and often feel left out.

It can make staying focused in class hard, increase their worries, and even make it tough to make friends.

Plus, seeing everyone else’s online life can make them feel left out. That feeling? It’s called FOMO

Jump Into Gymnastics With Us!

At Jump-n-Rise, we’ve got the perfect solution! We turn screen time into jump time.

Our classes are all about getting kids to jump, flip, and have a blast while they’re at it.

  • They Get More Confident: Exercising helps them feel great about what they can do.

  • They Find Friends: Your kid will meet other kids and have fun together, making new buddies.

  • Thinking Gets Easier: Our fun games make paying attention and doing homework easier.

  • They Feel Happier: These activities are great for their physical health too.

Join the Fun! Over 100 Kids in South Bopal, Ahmedabad Love Our Gymnastics Classes!

Top Benefits of Our Gymnastics Classes for Kids

Icon illustrating the enhancement of brain power through gymnastics

1. Boosts Brain Power

Gymnastics isn’t only about flips and jumps; it’s like a super workout for your brain!

Imagine your kid acing puzzles and projects, thinking up the coolest ideas.

It’s all because gymnastics helps their brains grow strong and imaginative.

About 9 out of 10 kids in our classes start feeling way more confident and creative in just three months.

Icon depicting strong, healthy bones to represent bone-strengthening gymnastics activities.

2. Builds Healthy Bones

Jumping and balancing in gymnastics makes kids’ bones really strong.

It’s fun and good for them. Now, they’re less likely to get hurt and grow up healthier.

Like Maya (our student) – she used to fall a lot, but after gymnastics, she became great at soccer. Strong bones make all the difference!

Icon symbolizing confidence and teamwork with figures standing tall and united.

3. Grows Confidence and Team Skills

Our gymnastics turns shy kids into team stars!

They’ll learn teamwork by making friends and mastering new moves together.

They’ll gain trust in themselves. That’s the power of confidence!

Lots of parents tell us their kids feel braver and make friends faster at Jump-n-Rise.

Icon showcasing diverse physical skills developed in gymnastics, such as balance and agility.

4. Develops Important Physical Skills

In our gymnastics class, kids grow muscles and master balance, speed, and being super bendy.

These cool skills shine not just in gymnastics but in every sport and playground game.

Like Sam, who became the fastest runner at school, all thanks to gymnastics. It’s all about learning cool moves and having tons of fun!”

Glowing Reviews from Our Gymnasts’ Parents!

Discover How Our Classes Positively Impact Their Children’s Lives!

Akanksha Tripathi
Great place for child's mental and physical development. Personalized plan and attention given to each. Very supportive, humble and qualified staff. Special thanks to Devanshi ma'am and Amal sir. Again thanking whole jump and rise team. Wish them very best of luck.
Aditya Makwana
The environment here is very friendly. The coaches here are very friendly and calm and they guide my child in the right direction for the betterment of my child. I would recommend all of you to visit Jump n Rise and just experience it once and then guide your child to his betterment.
Bhumi Makwana
Jump n rise the gym at the best gym in bopal . Gym atmosphere is best for workout and trainer are also best . Here they make us to do so many activities like yoga, workout. If u talk about my experience I have never seen such a gym especially for child, that is frist gym for children, very colourful and attractive.
Gohel Sachin
Jump n rise is best place for children, safty and friendly environment for kids. Vacation time is best time for joining
Sam Patel
Good place to enhance kids strength & physical fitness. My son love to come here every day. The team is also good & very co operative. The facilities & equipment is also a very good. It's just like doing exercise with fun or play.
Suril Patel
Start them young, they say. Active kid is a blessed kid. That is the philosophy this kiddie gym is based on. A very necessary environment that our city lacks, this gym provides creating much needed enthusiasm in kids. Kid friendly staff and a great coach to trust our kid with.
Nikhil More
Great place for kids to develop their physical fitness. My 3.5 year old daughter has joined the gym within 1 month we can find change in her behaviour she is more confident kid now. All credit goes to Amal Sir, Devanshi Ma'am and team Jump-n-Rise. Much needed daily activity for chidren.
Zeba Hashmi
Much needed indoor gym in Ahmedabad. Well planned, well researched and run by expert professional coaches. My son has autism with multiple disabilities but the team of jump n rise is working hard with him and training him various activities needed for his physical development. Thank you so much 😊😊🙏🙏

Jump Into Fun: Affordable Pricing

Keepings Kids Safe at Jump-n-Rise

Our gymnastics center is all about keeping kids safe and happy.

 We have special rules to make sure everyone stays safe while they learn gymnastics. 

Our equipment is just right for kids, even for preschoolers and children with autism. 

It’s safe, user-friendly, and regularly inspected. Our big, open space lets kids move freely and safely. 

Plus, we keep everything super clean. Want to see for yourself? Check out our pictures or come for a visit. You’ll see how we make gymnastics safe and fun for all kids!

Jump N Rise: Our Story of Fitness, Passion, and Making a Difference

In Ahmedabad, a dream gave rise to Jump-n-Rise: to turn kids into fitness superheroes.

Founded by Devanshi Mam in 2021, our center in South Bopal is more than a gym—it’s a vibrant playground for kids under 16!

Devanshi isn’t only a fitness coach; she’s like a superhero for kids’ health. She wanted to make a place where laughter, play, and strength meet.

For over a decade, we’ve made fitness irresistible, turning it into the best part of every kid’s day. We’re all about fun, strength, and happy, confident kids. This is just the start of our fun fitness adventure!

Looking for a place where your kid can grow strong, confident, and joyful? Join us at Jump-n-Rise, where fun and fitness come together.

Schedule a visit or sign up for a demo class today!

Happy kids with their gymnastics coach in Ahmedabad, cheering after a fun training session in a vibrant gym, showing the joyful experiences at our classes.

Happy Kids with Devanshi Mam at Jump-n-Rise

Answers to Your Questions: FAQs

Children as young as 2.5 years old can start gymnastics. At this age, classes focus on basic movements, fun activities, and building comfort with the gym environment.

Starting young helps build a strong foundation for physical fitness and coordination. It also instills a love for physical activity, setting them up for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our gymnastics program helps your child grow in many ways. It makes them stronger, more flexible, and teaches them how to move better. It also helps their mind grow by teaching them to be patient and disciplined.

Some of the good things about our program are that it helps your child feel confident, work well with others, and learn how to set and achieve goals. All of this helps them be healthy and active as they grow up.

At 5 years old, children are ready to learn basic gymnastics skills that boost their physical development. These classes also teach them about following instructions and working with others.

You can start learning gymnastics at any age, but the earlier, the better! Starting young helps you build strong muscles and learn cool moves more easily. But remember, it’s never too late to begin.

Yes, you can start learning gymnastics at home, especially the basics. Just make sure you have a safe space to practice. We also offer personal training at home in Ahmedabad if you want a coach to help you get better faster!

The best way to start gymnastics with us is by signing up for our beginner classes right here in Ahmedabad.

Our beginner classes are designed to be engaging and fun, focusing on teaching the basics of gymnastics in a supportive environment. You’ll be joining a community of learners, making new friends who share your interest.

Absolutely! It’s never too late to start gymnastics. At 11, you’re still super young and can learn a lot. Plus, gymnastics is a great way to stay active and have fun.

Teaching a cartwheel is all about practice and patience. Start with the basics: hand placement and how to kick their legs over. Use pillows or soft mats for safety. And remember, every child learns at their own pace, so keep cheering them on!

At Jump-n-Rise, safety is our top priority!

  • We ensure the gym is a secure environment for all.
  • Ample space in the gym allows for safe play and exercise.
  • Daily equipment checks maintain everything in top condition for safety.
  • Strict cleanliness protocols are in place to keep the gym germ-free.
  • Lady coaches are available to provide a comfortable and supportive environment.
  • I (the owner/manager) am also present to oversee and ensure safety.
  • The entire gym is monitored by CCTV for added security and peace of mind.
Yes, definitely! Your child can join one free trial demo class to see if they like it.
After that, we offer a one-day class for ₹200 for all kids and ₹300 for kids with special needs, like ADHD, if they want to come for 10-15 days without a monthly plan.

We tailor our fitness programs to fit each age group perfectly.

Our coaches are experts at creating fun, safe workouts that suit your child’s age and fitness level.

Ready to see your child enjoy fitness the right way? Join us for a demo class!

Jump-n-Rise is open Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Parents can pick any 1-hour slot that fits their schedule.

Each child enjoys 5 fun-filled sessions a week, ensuring they get the most out of their fitness journey. Ready to set a schedule that works for you? Let’s get moving!

Yes! You can choose any available slot that’s convenient for you and your child for the demo class.

We kindly ask you to let us know a day in advance to prepare for your visit. Want to find the perfect time? Hit the ‘Book a Demo Class’ button and we’ll see you soon!

Our membership fee is ₹3000 a month for all kids and teens. We also offer healthy daily snacks for an extra cost.
For kids with special needs, the fee is ₹6000 a month, including tailored classes.

Ready to join? Let’s get started.

There is no extra cost other than the membership fee. But we also offer paid addons, which are optional.

Infographic showing 'Over 200 Happy Kids Trained' at Jump-n-Rise Gym, with illustrated children in sports gear.

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